How Can Web-based Training Help My Forecasting Team?

Custom Web-based Forecast Pro training and consulting provide a convenient, flexible and cost-effective means to address a wide range of needs. This article reviews how Web-based training works and the range of topics that are typically covered during these sessions.

How Web-based Training Works: The Basics
Web-based training is conducted by our expert instructors using WebEx software and a live audio link. The participants can see the instructor’s screen, and the instructor can see each participant’s, allowing for one-on-one interaction. Classes are scheduled at your convenience, typically in four-hour blocks, and can accommodate up to three participants. All sessions are customized to meet your needs and can use your own data. It is as if the instructor is in the room, yet the format is far more convenient, flexible and cost-effective than having to travel.

Forecast Pro Product Training
Whether you are new to Forecast Pro or are adding new members to your team who need to get “up to speed,” Web-based training is a perfect way to get a solid understanding of the software’s capabilities. In addition to using your own data, the training is tailored to focus on the features of the software that your organization will be using. These training sessions are generally scheduled in four-hour blocks, allowing you and your team time to further familiarize yourselves with the software between sessions if desired. The majority of Forecast Pro training is now delivered via the Web because of the overwhelming advantages it offers.

“The Web-based Forecast Pro training was informative and organized. The instructor was well prepared with not only the basics, but also with the utilization of features specific to Crabtree and Evelyn’s needs.”

-Jon Weidman, Crabtree & Evelyn

Integrating Forecast Pro into Your Forecasting Process
Web-based sessions can also be used to define how Forecast Pro is used within your organization’s forecasting process. Typically conducted in two four-hour sessions, we take a close look at your data and workflow to develop a clear roadmap of the process. We review the type of data being used, where it resides, its structure and the required format of the final forecasts and reports. We also examine who is involved in the process and the roles each individual or group plays. All of these factors are incorporated into a comprehensive plan ready for your organization to roll out.

“Our Web-based training with Forecast Pro was invaluable for the successful implementation and execution of Forecast Pro into our business. The training allowed us to ask questions specific to our business, and demo the software using our data and information.”

-Krystle Mitchell, Director, Business Analytics, MacLean Power Systems

Implementation and Review
Once your forecasting process is established, shorter Web-based sessions can be valuable for walking through the first forecasting cycle and for refining your process to maximize the effectiveness of Forecast Pro.

“The instructor stepped us through the training just as if he were in the room with us and was very patient and helpful. He challenged us to think about the hierarchy setup and how it would be a benefit when analyzing data. Forecast Pro Web-based training is a simple way to further your forecasting knowledge.”

-Sandy Baker, Demand Planning Manager, Stens Corporation

The cost for a single four-hour Web-based session is $1,000 USD. When you purchase multiple four-hour sessions at the same time, the fee is $750/session.

Learn More
To learn more about how Web-based training can help your team, feel free to fill out our Web-training request form and a senior trainer will contact you.

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