Forecast Pro Featured in Government Finance Officers Association’s Newsletter

GFOA_Logo_monogramForecast Pro is used in a wide variety of businesses and organizations worldwide. While often used for sales forecasting, the software is also widely deployed in the government sector, across the federal, state, and municipal levels. Forecast Pro was recently featured in the US Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) newsletter, in an article highlighting some of the features that make Forecast Pro an excellent solution for government organizations.

Forecast Pro offers several features that give organizations a leg up on forecasting:

  • Automatic model selection, for creating statistical forecasts for many items with a single click
  • The ability to easily manage and adjust these baseline forecasts at multiple levels of aggregation
  • The ability to quickly and easily save results in a variety of formats, including Excel
  • Regression models, for creating forecasts using causal variables

The article recognizes both the art and science of forecasting. By combining automated statistical forecasting with efficient and easy forecast adjustment facilities, Forecast Pro gives users tools to take advantage of both approaches— all in one affordable package.

One Forecast Pro user highlighted in the article is the City of Mesa, Arizona. The municipality leverages both the software’s Expert Selection capability—which automatically chooses the best forecasting method on an item-by-item basis for time series data, as well as the regression models in Forecast Pro XE—for building causal factors such economic indicators into their forecasts.

If you are interested in learning more about Forecast Pro and its capabilities, visit our website or request a live demonstration of the software.

To read the full GFOA article, click here.

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