Forecast Pro Unlimited Version 9 Now Available

ForecastProLogoBig Reflection (transparent)2Users can now enjoy the variety of improvements available in Forecast Pro Version 9.  The features found in the new release–including an enhanced user interface, methodology improvements and the new Custom Component Model–make the software more powerful and easier to use.

Here’s an overview of what’s new in Forecast Pro Unlimited v9:

Forecasting Improvements

Forecast Pro Unlimited v9 includes several forecasting improvements.

  • The new Custom Component Model that allows you either to let Forecast Pro estimate the level, trend, seasonal and event patterns from the historical data, or to set them yourself. Custom Component Models are useful in a variety of scenarios including:
    • customizing the trend for longer-term forecasts;
    • customizing the seasonal pattern for short data sets; and
    • defining the impact of future events that have not occurred historically.

The Custom Component Model dialog box allows you to specify both the form and/or values to use for each component.

  • A new form of exponential smoothing (NA-constant level) that improves forecast accuracy for data sets that exhibit a “selling season” wherein the majority of the demand occurs at specific times of the year (e.g., snow shovels, flu vaccines, etc.).
  • The new custom allocation reconciliation technique that allows you to dictate how a group-level forecast is allocated to its component series. This is useful when the breakdown among the levels is known.
  • Improvements to the Forecast by Analogy model including options to automatically extend the analogy series, align seasonality, switch to Expert Selection after a specified time and to create the analogy series directly in Forecast Pro.
  • Improvements to the Expert Selection algorithm.

Data Manager

Forecast Pro’s new data manager centralizes and simplifies all inputs into Forecast Pro including historic demand, definitions, helper variables, imported overrides and imported modifiers.


Forecast Pro Unlimited v9’s new data manager

Interactive Helper Variable Creation

A new routine allows you to specify an item on the Navigator and automatically create helper variables to use in conjunction with Custom Component Models, Forecast by Analogy models and weighting transformations.


Registered users of Forecast Pro Unlimited with up-to-date maintenance and support agreements are entitled to receive Forecast Pro Unlimited v9 free of charge. If you would like to learn more about Forecast Pro, please visit our site, or contact us directly to schedule a live demo via WebEx.

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