Introducing Forecast Pro TRAC Version 4.1

Users can take advantage of the enhancements available in Forecast Pro TRAC Version 4.1. This new release includes further improvements to the grid view, and substantial improvements to the “hierarchy shuffling”  functionality.

Grid “Series” View & Improvements

trac41 whats new image 1

In Forecast Pro TRAC Version 4.1 there are now two ways of viewing historic data in the grid view. Previously, you were limited to seeing historic data only in a “Year over year” format, wherein previous years appear above the Statistical forecast row. There is now an alternative view called “Time Series” that allows a scrollable view into the past. This new functionality provides visibility to historic periods for both external and calculated data rows.

Forecast Pro TRAC Version 4.1 also introduces a few new tokens for use in calculations, including HISTST and HISTBL (which reference the History+Statistical forecast and History+Baseline forecast respectively), and QTD ( “Quarter to Date”). It also expands the YTD (“Year to Date”) token to include historical data periods when used with the new “Time Series” display.

Unlocking the Forecasts and Restoring In-Place Overrides

The hierarchy shuffling and units of measure functionality has been greatly improved in Forecast Pro TRAC Version 4.1. In previous versions, if you changed the hierarchy or the base units, the forecasts would permanently “lock,” thereby preventing further changes to forecast models and eliminating some of the modeling output displayed in the forecast report. Locking the forecasts would also move any in-place overrides and comments into the Inherited Override row. In Forecast Pro TRAC Version 4.1, you now have the option to unlock the statistical forecasts by switching back to the default state (i.e., default hierarchy and default units) so that you can continue to make changes to the forecast models and view all modeling output. Also, Forecast Pro TRAC Version 4.1 will now restore in-place overrides and comments when you return to the state in which the overrides were made without having made additional overrides in alternative states.

Component Model Improvement

Forecast Pro TRAC Version 4.1 now allows you to build component models for items that have no historical data.

Finally, Forecast Pro TRAC Version 4.1 fixes a number of minor issues/bugs and refines some of the logic related to the “Discontinued” modifiers.

To see these improvements in action, watch these videos:

If you’d like more information on Forecast Pro TRAC Version 4.1 or you are interested in a WebEx demonstration of Forecast Pro, please contact us.

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