Are You Forecasting New Products in the New Year?

If your organization is introducing new products in 2018, you’ll want to join our free educational Webinar Effective Methods for Forecasting New Products on January 25, 2018 at 1:30 pm EST (UTC -5:00).  We know that forecasting new product sales is a challenge, but you can hit the ground running after learning about the pragmatic approaches reviewed in this live one-hour Webinar.

When forecasting new products,  a “business as usual” approach won’t get results–with little or no historical data, the trusted forecasting methods that work well for existing products often produce inaccurate results for new products.  During this Webinar, Eric Stellwagen, CEO, and Sarah Darin, Senior Consultant at Business Forecast Systems, Inc., will survey various pragmatic approaches for forecasting new products more accurately.

They will review the following classifications for new products and discuss the pros and cons of using various forecasting methods for each category:

  • Replacement products
  • Product line extensions
  • “New to company” products
  • “New to world” products

Using real-world examples, Eric and Sarah will demonstrate some of the more popular methods used to forecast new products including item supersession, forecasting by analogy, component models and the Bass diffusion model.

There is no cost for you to attend the one-hour live Webinar Effective Methods for Forecasting New Products on January 25, but you must pre-register, so sign up now!


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