Working with Alternative Units of Measure in Forecast Pro TRAC

tipsandtricksForecast Pro TRAC allows you to view and work with your forecasts in different units of measure. When you set up your data for Forecast Pro TRAC, the units of measure for the input data are referred to as the default units. Unlike Forecast Pro Unlimited, which limits you to a single unit of measure, Forecast Pro TRAC lets you change the units you are working in.

Changing units isn’t just designed for reporting purposes. In Forecast Pro TRAC, as you change the working units you can continue to make adjustments and overrides to the forecast. As a result, the members of your team can view and work with the forecast in the units of measure that matches the way that they think about the business.

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Utilizing Items in the Hot List


Forecasters dealing with large, complex hierarchies face the challenge of managing thousands, or even tens of thousands, of forecasted items. In order to streamline navigation and to provide flexibility in reporting, Forecast Pro offers the “Hot List.” The Hot List is an easy-to-use utility for creating subsets of your data for viewing, applying modifiers and reporting. Taking advantage of the Hot List can save you time and effort.

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