The Ins and Outs of Using Dynamic Regression Models for Forecasting

The recording of our recent educational one-hour Webinar 
is now available for viewing on-demand

This session demystifies regression modeling, demonstrating how these models can provide insight into your data and why they often yield more accurate results than alternative forecasting methods. Learn:

  • When to apply regression models
  • How to build and diagnose the models
  • How to use leading indicators, lagged vari¬ables, Cochrane-Orcutt terms and “dummy” variables
  • Best practices for applying regression models

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Identifying Problems in Your Data & Forecasts

The recording of our recent educational one-hour Webinar 
is now available for viewing on-demand

Learn about helpful tools that make it easier for you to focus on the specific items that need your attention:

  • Outlier detection for highlighting anomalies in historic data.
  • Exception reports for identifying problems in the forecasts.
  • Item reports for quickly defining and reviewing subsets of your data.
  • Filtering & ABC Categorization (Pareto Analysis) for classifying items, allowing you to focus on the items that have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

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The New Forecast Pro Event Manager in Action

Event Management ScreenshotIf you want to see the new Event Manager available in Forecast Pro TRAC v3.1 and Forecast Pro TRAC v8.1, then you will want to check out the recording of our recent Webinar about using events to improve your forecasting. The educational hour-long session explains how event models work, how and when they should be used, and how to build customized event models.

The examples in the session use Forecast Pro’s new Event Manager, providing a first look at this new feature. To jump straight to this section of the Webinar, start watching at 19:07.

How to Improve Your Forecasts Using Events

Watch the recording of our educational one-hour Webinar. 

You will learn:

  • How event models work
  • How and when event models should be used
  • How to build customized event variables to meet your needs
  • Best practices for applying event models